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Muller Fe Lens Our experienced staff will gladly help you decide which lens is right for your patient.

Muller Optical carries progressive, bifocal and single vision lens available in the market today. We also have three exclusive brands of digital freeform lenses: Reliant, Axiom and Pinnacle. The Reliant Axiom brands are the ECP's go to progressives for easy fit and very high adaptation rates for the first time and experienced wearers. These progressives are the most popular choice among ECP and patients alike worldwide.

The “Pinnacle” is a progressive and available in distance near or balanced variations. We are so confident in the “Pinnacle” that we offer a progressive fit challenge. Take the fit challenge and see why patients  prefer our lenses.

The Pinnacle is technologically beyond most of the lenses available in the United States and is a moderately priced lens. The Pinnacle is our house brand progressive that can be compared to many of the progressive lenses on the market today except at a fraction of the price. It is also available in Distance, Near, Balanced or First time progressive wearers designs.
All of our lenses utilize digital ray path technology. Click Here for a deeper understanding of digital ray path technology.
Progressive Lens Simulation
Muller Fe Lens
Digital Ray-Path® Benefits
Digital Ray-Path lenses offer superior vision because they drastically reduce oblique aberration at every point of the lens for clearer vision in all zones of the lens.

Muller Fe Lens
Single Vision Lens Simulation
Muller Fe Lens
Digital Ray-Path Personalization
Wearers with the same prescription and lens material will receive different lenses comprehensively tailored to their individual biometrics and frame selection

Muller Fe Lens
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